Jorge Alberto Quevedo Cruz

Full Stack Developer

I would define myself as a Full-Stack WEB and Software Developer; with experience in Laravel, the MVC model, Restful APIs, the AWS console and backend languages like PHP, Javascript and Python.

I feel comfortable with Java, having implemented algorithms, data structures and developing Object Oriented applications at college. Also, I have worked with distributed and parallel systems and some Computer Vision Algorithms.

Now, I am getting into SCRUM methodology and some User Experience techniques. I have a big interest in Bussiness Intelligence and Data Analytics.

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  • TEST

    Web page developed using HTML, CSS and Vanilla JS

  • Java

    Data structures and algorithms.


    Username: david_sol Password: apiver2016


    Web page designed for the automotive industry.

  • Laravel

    Most used framework on my full stack developments.

  • FedMVZ exam

    Username: abejas
    Password: 123

  • React

    Latest library learnt and small integrations with laravel.

  • IEEE Branch

    College's IEEE branch website

  • Freelance

    Web page implemented based on customer's design.